• Theme : Shopisle


    This is the information about the Shopisle Theme that is currently one of the default theme for thist. 1. Licensed : 2. Developed by : Adelina Tuca 3. Link to Demo : Click here  

  • Hello world!


    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

  • Hustle : Setup Widgetized Homepage


    Widgetized Homepage Customize the layout of sections on the homepage by using the Woo – Component widget and the Homepage widget area. Drag the Woo – Component into the Homepagewidget area for each section you want to add to the

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  • Hustle : Homepage Features & Testimonials


    Homepage Features To activate Features, you need to install the Features by WooThemes plugin. Once the plugin is installed, go to Hustle > Settings > Homepage > Features to set these options: Select the number of features to display. Set the

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  • Hustle : Setup Blog Post & Promotion


    Blog Posts To include blog posts on the homepage, go to: Hustle > Settings > Homepage > Blog Posts Select the number of posts to display. Enter the title of your Blog Area section. Optionally select a category of posts

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  • Hustle : Set Up the Slider


    Set Up the Slider Hustle has a built-in featured slider that uses the “Slides” custom post type for the content. However, the slider is positioned differently than you might expect. If enabled, it will show beneath the featured products,

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  • Hustle : Featured Products


    Featured Products To show Featured Products, you need to install the WooCommerce plugin, set up products, and mark them as featured. To enable Featured Products, go to: Hustle > Settings > Homepage > Featured Products Choose the number of products

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  • Hustle : Introductory Message


    Introductory Message You can write a welcome message that will appear front and center on your site by enabling it in your Theme Settings. You can also provide a link and background image for the introductory message. Example of

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  • Arcade: Adding Widgets


    1.To add widgets, go to WordPress Menu > Appearance > Arcade Themes Setting > Widgets 2. It will appear the customize setting of widgets. At you left hand side, it is an available widgets. Then, at your right hand side,

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  • Arcade: Menus


    1. To edit menus, go to WordPress Menu > Appearance > Arcade Themes Setting > Menus 2. It will appear the customize setting about menus. Creating a new menu 1. Click create a new menu . Give the name

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