Set Up the Slider

Hustle has a built-in featured slider that uses the “Slides” custom post type for the content. However, the slider is positioned differently than you might expect. If enabled, it will show beneath the featured products, and also in features if those are enabled.

To set up the slider, go to:
Hustle > Settings > Featured Slider > Slider Content


  1. Enable or disable the slider at the top.
  2. Choose the number of slides you want to show.
  3. Choose a slide group, if using our WooSlider plugin, to display on the homepage.
  4. Save All Changes in your theme settings.

To view additional featured slider settings, go to:
Hustle > Settings > Featured Slider > Slider Settings

To create a New Slide for the featured slider, go to:
Slides > Add New


Creating a new slide for your homepage slider – write the title, upload a Featured Image or embed video in the custom settings panel.


  1. Add a title and content to your slide post.
  2. Add a featured image.
  3. You can add a video directly to your content, or use the embed field.
  4. Enable the Slide Background checkbox to display the slide text as an overlay on the image.


Paste video embed code in the Hustle Custom Settings Panel for the featured slider.

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