What is thist?

thist is an Online Web Store that already comes with Online Payment Gateway that is senangPay. In another word, thist is like a Malaysian Shopify or Ecwid

Then why should I subscribe to thist rather than Shopify or Ecwid?

First, thist is made by Malaysian and for Malaysian. When you subscribe thist, your money circulate in Malaysia and helps to grow Malaysia back (because we pay tax!). If you subscribe to oversea’s Online Web Store, you are sending your money outside Malaysia. It’s your money and we don’t care but what we care most is our beloved country Malaysia.

Second, if you subscribe to Shopify or Ecwid or what ever Online Web Store in this world, you need to re-apply for the Online Payment Gateway separately. For instance, if you subscribe to Shopify, then you need to apply iPay88 separately from iPay88. This effects you in certain ways, first, the risk of the Payment Gateway approval which there is some minor cases where the application is pending or rejected, and second, it took some times for evaluation and approval for the Payment Gateway application which some of us cannot wait. By subscribing to thist, you are automatically subscribed to senangPay.

What is the estimated time for my thist subscription being approved?

You can straight away setup your thist Online Web Store and start your business, straight away after you settle all payment.